Extended Insurance for Students & Graduates

Optional Summer Coverage

Do you want to be covered for supplemental medical insurance for the summer?

Students enrolled for the fall semester (and graduates; see below) have the option to continue their student health coverage for the summer months (thru early August, when the fall coverage for returning students starts). The spring semester plan automatically covers everyone thru the end of Mayterm, so the optional coverage can take care of the rest of the summer for you.

This may be especially valuable for students NOT covered on their parents' health insurance. Note that the coverage is worldwide in scope, so if you're traveling abroad this summer (or anywhere away from Santa Barbara) you'll still be able to submit a claim for reimbursement when you're settled and ready to get the process under way.

Enrolling in the summer plan is easy. Simply click here NO LATER THAN THE LAST DAY OF MAYTERM and submit your email address and password. Your student account will be charged the amount shown on the signup page for this coverage.

Click here for details about the program. You can use whatever health care provider is near you, and in most cases you will need to advance payment and use the claim process to be reimbursed later. Note that this program does not necessarily cover all medical costs, and that it supplements any parental policy you may have. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT summer staffing in the Health Center is very limited, and we cannot offer the level of support and personal attention which is customary during the academic year.

Mayterm students need NOT enroll; it's provided automatically for them.

NOTE: If you're returning in the fall but were at ANOTHER SCHOOL this spring and you're interested in the summer insurance plan, please email the Director of Institutional Resilience .

Implications Regarding Pre-Existing Conditions

IF you're returning in the fall but will need ongoing treatment for injuries sustained or illnesses treated between the end of the spring term and the beginning of the fall term, AND for any reason you are not covered on our standard plan for the preceding spring semester, then unless you either buy our optional coverage or have other qualified prior coverage over the summer, you will NOT be covered for those services under the Westmont plan until six months after the start of the fall term. (However, returning students in this category WILL be covered for any injuries sustained or illnesses first treated on or after the insurance program becomes effective in early August).

Transitional Coverage for Grads

Due to federal law, in most cases parental policies will no longer expire upon graduating, so grads may not have to head out into the world bare of coverage health insurance coverage.

If for any reason parental coverage is not a suitable option, graduates are able to buy one succeeding period of coverage of Westmont's Student Accident & Sickness Insurance policy in order to bridge them thru the following policy period—enough time for some to find employment or start grad school.

Enrolling in the transitional plan is easy.

May Graduates

Simply click here NO LATER THAN THE DATE SPECIFIED IN THE EMAIL ANNOUNCING THIS PROGRAM (this will typically be the last day of Mayterm) and submit your email address and password, PLUS you must supply the address where you'll receive mail after graduation. Your student account will be charged the amount shown on the signup page for this coverage, and the bill will be sent to the address you provide.

December Graduates

Two steps:

  1. Click here NO LATER THAN THE DATE SPECIFIED IN THE EMAIL ANNOUNCING THIS PROGRAM to send an email requesting to be enrolled in the program for the spring term.
  2. Write a check to Westmont College for $150 and mail it to:
    1. Jena Harris | 955 La Paz Rd | Santa Barbara CA 93108

MAY or DECEMBER GRADS: If your check does not arrive timely, you will be unenrolled, no benefits will be payable for the applicable term, and you will be required to reimburse any that may have been paid in the meantime.

Click here for details about the program. Be sure to select the applicable policy period.

Extended Benefit Period

Participants covered during a spring semester with injuries sustained (except in intercollegiate sports), or with illness treatment started, between the beginning of the fall term and the end of the spring term, may continue to receive treatments related to the injury or illness until [and including] June 30th following the end of that spring semester. The Health Center will be closed after Mayterm until the beginning of classes in the fall, so you may need to get claim forms and follow the procedures listed at this link. The web site also gives contact information to answer specific questions.

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions not answered here or at the links provided above, please email the Director of Institutional Resilience.