Run, Hide, Fight

This video guides the viewer in developing a "survival mindset" that can help you be ready to recognize a life-threatening situation and respond appropriately.

Options to consider:
Escape away from sounds of gunshots.
Stay low and cautiously check before turning corners.

Lock the door if possible or use heavy objects to barricade door. Stay low.
Gather near doorway but not in line of sight upon opening.

Work together to surprise and “dog-pile” the shooter.
Active responses have proven far more effective than passive.

Adapted from M Tau: "Targeted Violence..."; 10/30/13 presentation.

With even the most basic of training you can avoid panic and contribute to the most favorable possible outcome in the unlikely case a violent situation develops in your presence.

Although the focus is on a campus setting, the principles are applicable anywhere. We hope you will never need to use this information--but that, if you do at any time in your life, your investment in watching this program will be well worth it.

It bears noting that the Westmont Campus, like essentially all other higher education campuses (except, literally, those hosted within prisons), has not been constructed to enable "lockdown". While some people believe a college or university's immediate response in event of a shooter should be to "lock it down," that is simply, sheerly impossible to achieve.


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