Faculty and Staff Troubleshooting Procedures


Common Situations:
  1. My phone doesn't have dial tone
  2. My phone doesn't ring
  3. Callers can't hear me when I press the Speaker button
  4. I can't access my voice mailbox
  5. Callers can't leave messages in my mailbox
  6. Calls don't get forwarded to my mailbox when I'm busy
  7. My Long Distance Code isn't working
  8. LCD screen displays "Initalize" but never initializes
  9. The LCD sreen is dark
  10. The LCD screen is blank
  11. The LCD screen is garbeled
Troubleshooting Steps:

Situation #1: My phone doesn't have dial tone

  1. Unplug then re-connect the phone.
  2. Make sure the phone is connected to the correct wall jack.
  3. If you still don't have dial tone, follow these steps:
    1. Confirm the phone is initalized by the appearance of the date/time in the LCD Screen.
    2. If the phone isn't initalized, skip to step f.
    3. If the phone is initalized, and has no dial tone, check the LCD screen.
      1. Does the symbol *HSET appear? If so, your phone is in headset mode. The phone thinks you are using a headset with mic, and since you haven't placed a call, it has locked up.
      2. Press the button immediately below the *HSET symbol. The * will disappear.
    4. Try the handset again. If you don't have dial tone, confirm the handset is plugged into the correct port on the back of the phone.
    5. Confirm you have dial tone on the speakerphone by pressing the speaker button with the handset firmly in its craddle. Continue to step 6 if this is unsuccessful.
    6. If, after all of these steps, the phone still is without dial tone, submit a TechMate.

Situation #2: My phone doesn't ring

  1. Call your extension from another number. Does the phone flash?
    1. Yes: While the phone is flashing, adjust the ringer volume using the up/down arrows. If you still do not hear riniging, submit a TechMate.
    1. No: Submit a TechMate.

Situation #3: Callers can't hear me when I activate the Speakerphone

  1. You also need to press the MIC button. It will light up when activated. Callers will now be able to hear you.

Situation #4: I can't access my voice mailbox

  1. Confirm you are following the correct login procedures (Note: your passcode should not be confused with your e-mail password.)
  2. If you've forgotten and need to reset your passcode, contact Telecommunications.

Situation #4: Callers can't leave messages in my mailbox

  1. Does this occur only when you are on the phone? If so, then your Call Forwarding-Busy isn't set. Visit this page for instructions for setting Forward-Busy.
  2. If callers are never able to leave messages, either your mailbox is full or you've accidentally disabeled message receipt.
    1. Login onto your online voicemail using your UID and e-mail password.
    2. Check your mailbox size. If your mailbox is full, you'll need to delete messages.
    3. If your mailbox isn't full, click Options from the menu bar. Click Telephone Interface.
    4. Scroll down and make sure the box under "Message Options" is unchecked.
      1. Click Save
      2. From your phone, dial x7200. Enter your extension number when prompted. Press # if you want to skip your recording greeting. If you are able to leave a message,your mailbox is operational.
    5. Submit a TechMate if the problem persists.

Situation #5: Calls don't get forwarded to my mailbox when I'm busy

  1. You need to reset your Call Forward-Busy. Visit this page for instructions.

Situation #6: I can't place Long Distance calls using my Long Distance Code

  1. Check departmental records to confirm you are using the correct code.
  2. Confirm you are following the correct dailing procedures, this is often the source of the problem. (Note: If you follow the dialing procedures, and get a busy or error message, the problem is with the destination phone number, not your LD code. A test call to another non-local number will confirm it)
  3. If your LD code is not programmed as a speed dial, send us an e-mail. Include code.
  4. If your LD code is programed as a speed dial, follow these steps:
    1. Place a test call and manually enter the code. If call is successful, the problem lies with the speed dial.
    2. Does your phone activate, and does the code appear in the LCD, when you press the assigned speed dial? Is it the correct code? If not, reprogram speed dial using these steps.
    3. If LD code still inoperable,submit a TechMate..

Situation #7: LCD displays "Initalize" & never initializes

  1. Submit a TechMate. Telecommunications will inspect your phone and repair if necessary.

Situation #8: The LCD is dark

  1. Press the down/up arrows (lower right corner) to adjust the LCD brightness. If the problem persists, submit a TechMate.

Situation #9: The LCD is blank

  1. Is the phone properly connected? Make sure the phone cord is connected to the back of the phone and the correct wall jack.
  2. Once the phone is properly connected, look at the screen. Is it still blank, or very faded? Press the down/up arrows (lower right corner) to adjust the LCD brightness.
  3. If the screen is still blank, or it displays "Initalize", but never initalizes, submit a TechMate.

Situation #10: The LCD is garbeled

  1. If your screen becomes garbeled, submit a TechMate. Telecom staff will swap out your phone and provide a new one.