Dialing Instructions

Westmont Operator 0
Long Distance Operator 8+00
Phone Service and Repair Submit a Mayday!
Voice Mail System (On Campus) 6775
Voice Mail System (Off Campus) 805-565-6775
Campus Directory Assistance Faculty and Staff Directory
Student Directory
Local Directory Assistance Local Directory
Campus Calls XXXX (4 Digit Extension)
Local Calls 8 + XXX-XXXX (8+Number)
Long Distance Calls 8+1+Number
Credit/Calling Card, Collect, 3rd Party, Other Calls: Dial 8+00 (Long Distance Operator)
International Dialing 8+011+Country Code+ Number

Long Distance and International Dialing Troubleshooting

If you are trying to place a call Long Distance or Internationally, but are unable to do so, and the screen asks you for a code; then either Long Distance and/or International Dialing are not enabled on your phone. Submit a Mayday! for these requests. A ticket will be opened with our Phone Service Provider, who will make the change to your phone. This will take approximately between 2-7 hours.

Fax Dialing Instructions:

When sending a fax, you will want to enter all digits before pressing send. Your sequence should be:

Local: 8-xxx-xxxx-SEND

Long distance: 8-1-xxx-xxxx-SEND

Hint: Test the destination fax number by calling from an on-campus phone before sending the fax.