Dorm Phones

Room Phones: Telecommunications no longer provides phones in dorm rooms; students must provide their own phone. Phone service (extension number and dial tone), and a voice mailbox are available free of charge to students who subscribe. To activate phone and/or voice mailbox service, login to your Student Profile , and under Telephone Services, click enable. N ote: Please allow up to 8 business hours for your request to be processed. Telecommunications will select your extension and provide setup instructions via e-mail once setup is complete.

Long Distance Calls: Calls made to numbers outside the local calling area require a Long Distance Code. This code can be activate from the Student Profile. Long Distance Rates are listed on this page; all charges are billed to your Student Account.

Compatible Phones: Any analog phone will work on our system. Many students prefer cordless, for which we would recommend a 5.8 gigahertz with a handset finder feature. Our system is also Caller ID capable for those phones equipped with that feature.

For examples of several phones that will work on our system, please see the link below. These can be purchased at a local Staples, OfficeMax, or Radio Shack. Locations and directions can be found online.

Phone Examples (pdf)

Please contact the Telecommunications department with any questions. If you've purchased a phone and enabled your phone service, but are still having problems, please submit a mayday.