Voice Mailbox Service

Only students living on-campus and in the Ocean View appartments may request mailbox service.


1. Request a Voice Mailbox via your Student Profile, under Telephone Services.. We will contact you via e-mail once your mailbox is ready.

Accessing your mailbox for the first time

1. Dial 6245 (MAIL) if you are on campus, or (805) 565-6245 if you are off campus.

2. Enter your room extension number and your pass-code as prompted.

3. Follow the voice prompts to set up your mailbox. Be sure to select a pass-code that is different than your extension.

4. When recording your name, it is helpful to leave your extension as well. For example, “John Doe, extension 1234.”

5. When recording your Standard & Out of the Office greetings, you do not need to include your name as it is already heard in your name greeting. Be sure to identify your department as well as any other information you would like callers to leave.

Voice mailbox structure:

If you need quick assistance navigating the main menu, download this pdf: Mailbox Really Quick Reference

If you need the fulll navigation map, download the pdf file here.

To Recover a deleted voicemail:

1. Log in to the mailbox to which the message was sent via x6245.

2. Press 5 to Manage Personal Options.

3. Press 7 to Manage Deleted Messages.

4. Press 1 to Manage Deleted Voicemail.

From there, your deleted messages will play and you will be give the option to save, delete, skip, forward, etc. your voicemail.