Dialing Instructions

Westmont Operator 0+#
Long Distance Operator 8+00
Phone Service and Repair Submit a TechMate
Voice Mail System (On Campus) 6245
Voice Mail System (Off Campus) 805-565-6245
Campus Directory Assistance Faculty and Staff Directory
Student Directory
Local Directory Assistance Local Directory
Campus Calls XXXX (4 Digit Extension)
Local Calls 8+ XXX-XXXX (8+Number)
Long Distance Calls See below
Credit/Calling Card, Collect, 3rd Party, Other Calls: Dial 8+00 (Long Distance Operator)
International Dialing 8+011+Country Code+ Number + LD code

Enabling your Long Distance Code

Long distance calls can be made from any dorm room or public-access lobby phones on campus. Students are given a personal Long Distance Code for billing charges to their account. Students must log into their Student Profile and enable their LD Code. To enable your code, click here.

Long Distance Calls

To dial, press: 8+1+Area Code+Number + LD code

Long Distance Rates

In-state: 9 cents/minute

Domestic: 12 cents/minute

International: varies by country. Contact the Telecom department (x7233) for rates to specific countries.

** Calling cards are also sold at the bookstore for your convenience.

Fax Dialing Instructions:

When sending a fax, you will want to enter all digits before pressing send. Your sequence should be:

Local: 8-xxx-xxxx-SEND

Long distance: 8-1-xxx-xxxx-7 digit LDcode-SEND

Hint: Test the destination fax number by calling from an on-campus phone before sending the fax.