Apply to Westmont in San Francisco!

The Westmont in San Francisco application is now entirely online. Click on your preferred semester to get started!

Fall 2015

Application deadline: Monday February 29th



Spring 2016

Application deadline: Monday October 5th



Summer 2016

Application deadline: Monday December 7th


What happens after I submit my application?

1) When you log into your application, you will complete all the sections that you are able to (personal information, essay questions, reference contact information etc).

2) Once you have done step 1, you will click "submit application."

3) After submitting your application, you need to continue to log in on a regular basis to check that your approvals and references are coming in. If they are not coming in, it is your responsibility to chase up the people providing your approvals and references.

4) Once all your appliation materials have been collected, your application is complete! The Westmont in San Francisco team will review your application and get back to you with an admissions decision within two weeks of you completing your application.


Got questions?

Please contact Elle Noble at or by calling 415.931.2460. She'd love to chat with you and help you out with any questions you may have!


I'm a consortium student, how do I apply?

The same way that a Westmont student applies! Click above on your preferred semester and you will be able to create an individual log in.

Please note that students applying from outside Westmont should be aware of their own College's deadlines and restrictions in order to be eligible to apply to Westmont in San Francisco.

The following are some of the consortium schools we work with with links to their Off-Campus Programs Offices:

Messiah College

Seattle Pacific University

Houghton College

Wheaton College

Gordon College