Student Internships

The Practicum course engages students in a highly structured internship focused on vocational and professional growth. Students spend a minimum of 24 hours each week at their chosen placement site, in addition to completing regular reading and writing assignments and participating in a weekly seminar (see below). Students receive 8-12 units of credit for their internship, some or all of which may done for major credit, depending on their department.

Description of Practicum Seminar: “Faith, Ethics and Vocational Identity” (I.S. 190)

The purpose of this required seminar is to enable students to critically engage and reflect on their daily internship experiences in renewed faith-based ways. The course is designed to foster a deeper understanding of personal-vocational identity. Through guest speaker presentations and shared dialogue on common workplace dynamics, this course seeks to help students discover what it means to live faithfully amidst a range of complex and diverse settings while integrating a Christ-centered perspective.

How Students Find an Internship

At the beginning of each semester, students prepare for their internship search through various training sessions with the Office of Life Planning staff, which are designed to equip them with job search skills such as resume-writing and interviewing.  Students find this training to be helpful for their Urban internship search as well as professional endeavors after college.  Students also meet with faculty to identify possible internship placements in San Francisco, and may interview with former internship sites and new possibilities.  Each student is expected to complete three interviews at various placement sites before choosing a placement site.

Internship Opportunities in San Francisco

Internship opportunities are available for students of all majors. Westmont in San Francisco has a long-standing history with a variety of private, government, and nonprofit organizations throughout the Bay Area. Students are welcome to pursue internships at new placement sites, with faculty guidance.

Please see the links below for examples of former internship sites, and the majors of students who have worked there. There are plenty of internships that are not listed, as Westmont in San Francisco has placed student interns at over 250 sites in its history. 

For more information on internship placement possibilities, please contact us

Internships Organized by Major
Art Mathematics
Biology Music
Chemistry Philosophy
Communication Studies Physics
Computer Science Political Science
Economics and Business Psychology
English Religious Studies
French Social Science
History Sociology
Kinesiology Spanish
Liberal Studies Theatre Arts
Internships Organized Alphabetically

Searching for a New Internship Site

There are several internet search engines that may be helpful in finding an internship in San Francisco:

Generic Search Sites:

Craigslist Bay Area


SF Bay Area Progressive Directory

Special Interest Search Sites:

Business, Law and Government

Social Work/Social Services


TV, Radio, and Advertising

To explore other options within your areas of interest, you can also Google: “_________ internships in San Francisco” to find additional organizations.