Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions about Westmont in San Francisco. If you have further questions that are not mentioned here, please feel very welcome to contact us at (415) 931-2460 or


Will my financial aid transfer from Westmont College?

FOR FALL/SPRING SEMESTER: Yes! Financial aid applies even if you have studied abroad already or plan to go abroad in the future. Consider a semester in San Francisco as Westmont off-campus housing.

FOR SUMMER PROGRAM: Unfortunately not. The price for Summer Program, however, is incredibly reasonable. You will walk away with 8 units at the end of the summer for not much more than the cost of average accommodation in San Francisco.

What does a regular week look like at Westmont in San Francisco?          

This is what an average FALL/SPRING semester week looks like:

Monday: All day Internship
Tuesday: 9AM - 12PM Urban Studies Course
  12PM - 5PM Duos & Independent Study Tutorials
  5:30PM Community Dinner
Wednesday: All day Internship
Thursday: 9AM - 10AM Community Worship
  10:30AM - 12PM Practicum Seminar
  12PM - 5PM Duos, Electives, & Independent Study Tutorials
Friday: All day Internship

This is what an average SUMMER PROGRAM week looks like:

Monday: All day Internship
Tuesday: All day Internship
Wednesday: Morning Internship
  Afternoon Practicum Seminar
  Evening Community Dinner
Thursday: All day Internship
Friday: All day Internship


How do I get an internship?

There are a variety of internship opportunities available to students of all majors. Visit the Student Internships page to view some of previous internship placement sites.

FOR FALL/SPRING SEMESTER: The first two weeks of the semester are devoted to researching, interviewing, and securing placement sites. This coincides with workshops on resume building, interview skills, and professional demeanor. Students must experience at least 3 interviews. Students do not need to secure an internship prior to arrival in San Francisco.

FOR SUMMER PROGRAM: Because the Summer Program is so much shorter than the Semester Program, students must have their internships secured prior to arrival in San Francisco. Applications for Summer Program are due December 7th and so there is plenty of time to research internships, follow up on leads, conduct interviews (skype or in person), and secure the internship prior to arrival at WSF in June.

Where do I eat?

The kitchen is stocked with fresh, organic, and fairly-traded products as much as possible. A variety of food options are provided, accommodating student requests and individual dietary needs. Students have the opportunity to cook their own meals in a state-of-the-art kitchen that has a communal vibe. A "foodie" city, there are endless restaurants to try during a semester in San Francisco.

Can I bring my car?

Students are not permitted to bring a car to the City. Only street parking is available, which is very limited.  Public transportation is a great part of the urban experience, and it is very accessible from the Clunie House and throughout San Francisco.

How much is it to ride the bus?

Monthly bus passes (called Clipper Cards) are provided for each student. This is a $70/month value, allowing students unlimited use of public transit throughout San Francisco. At a small extra cost to the student, they can also ride BART or Caltrain.

Will I be able to work out at a gym?

There are many gyms in the local area if students wish to purchase a short term membership or pay per gym visit. WSF is also on the edge of one of the most beautiful city parks in the US, the Golden Gate Park. Students can enjoy walking, running, and biking through the park.

Can I work part-time while at WSF?

If necessary, students may work part-time jobs while in San Francisco. However, balancing a part-time job amidst internships, coursework, and community life activities can be challenging and distracting from immersing in the city on your off-time.

An alternative to finding a part-time job is to work a student job at the Clunie house for $12.25/hour (San Francisco minimum wage). Jobs available include: grocery shopper, interior facilities assistant, exterior facilities assistant, gardener, and house creative. Student jobs range from 5-10 hours of work per week.

Where do I do my laundry?

Like many San Francisco residents, you will not have access to laundry facilities at home. There are numerous laundromats close by; the closest one is a block away and has an adjacent coffee shop. Most laundry machines require quarters, though many facilities can make change. Detergent is usually available for purchase, but for the best value it is recommended to supply your own detergent.

Do I need my own computer, printer, or printer paper?

If able, it is recommended that each student brings their own computer. There are also three computers and three printers available for student use.

Can I leave SF and/or host visitors?

An important part of the Westmont in San Francisco experience is immersing yourself in the life of the City along with your housemates. For this reason, we ask that you do not plan to leave San Francisco for the first month and limit travels outside of the City for the rest of the semester. It is also strongly encouraged to not have any visitors during the first month. Students must request approval from the Resident-Staff Assistant for any visitors staying overnight.

What are some fun things to do in San Francisco?

There is no shortage of interesting things to do and see in San Francisco.  There is always something going on, many of which are free or low-cost. Some of our favorites are:

  • Go running, bike-riding, or picnicking in Golden Gate Park, just outside Clunie House
  • Have a bonfire on Ocean Beach
  • Visit Twin Peaks, which has one of the best views of the city
  • Pick up some fresh food at the Ferry Building Farmers Market on Saturday mornings
  • Attend a Giants game at AT&T Park
  • For a spectacular view of San Francisco, ride the cable cars to Nob Hill, then have a cup of coffee or tea, or enjoy dessert, at the top of the Fairmont Hotel or the Mark Hopkins hotel
  • Hang out at Baker Beach (ranked Best Beach by SF residents)
  • Catch an independent film at the Embarcadero Movie Theater
  • See a musical at a local theatre
  • Visit Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  • Walk or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Attend a concert in the city (Fall: Treasure Island Music Festival, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival)
  • Take a Ferry to Sausalito, Angel Island or Alcatraz
  • Explore a used bookstore (City Lights in North Beach, Green Apple in the Inner Richmond)
  • Taste-test local coffees: Philz, Bicycle, Sight Glass, Blue Bottle, Four Barrel
  • Taste-test local ice cream: Three Twins, Bi-Rite, Mitchell's
  • Take one of the many free walking tours offered by Friends of the Library

For more information on current events in San Francisco, visit these websites:

San Francisco Travel: The official visitor’s guide to San Francisco.

Citysearch: A comprehensive guide to restaurants, hotels, shops, events and attractions in San Francisco.