A letter from Edee Schulze
Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students


Dear Westmont Students,

Welcome to the 2014-2015 academic year! 

Each year provides opportunities for students to flourish   The classroom allows you to deepen your understanding and application of subjects that are familiar and to delve into new coursework in departments that are now unfamiliar.   New questions will emerge about what it means to engage current topics as a Christian.  You will flourish in your ability to make connections between faith and learning as Westmont upholds the integration of faith as a key component of academic excellence.

At Westmont, we encourage you to actively engage learning, to not merely be receptors of knowledge.  In fact, we invite, even expect, you to participate in the task of contributing to the richness and depth of this place by the giving of your ideas, talents, gifts, and service.  Your contributions will be both within and outside of the classroom.

This is no small task. It will require your very best effort. At times, you will need to take risks and learn from those who have different perspectives than you. At other times, your understanding and the tact you use to express your own views will put you in the role of educator. Westmont provides incredible opportunities and supportive faculty, staff and students, but you must be intentional to engage the learning process.  Also, it is wise to be intentional about how you connect your studies and interests during the academic year and summer months with internships, research, and ministries.

The student handbook can serve as a guide as you enter into and contribute to life at Westmont.  The section on Student Organizations reveals the range of ways you can invest your time, though we caution you to not get over committed.  Academics come first.  You can enhance your experience at Westmont through involvement in music, clubs, intramurals, student government, campus media, athletic teams, missions trips, residence hall activities, and so much more.  All of your commitments can help you flourish personally.

The Community Life Statement and the Diversity Matters at Westmont intentionally appear in the opening pages of this handbook.  Each is foundational to our community and together describe the high calling and responsibility you bear in being a member of our community.  As you read these two statements, I invite you to imagine how you will actively contribute to making Westmont a place that truly reflects our commitment to loving as Christ would love.

We invite you to actively embrace Westmont’s mission as an undergraduate, residential, Christian, liberal arts community serving God's kingdom by cultivating thoughtful scholars, grateful servants and faithful leaders for global engagement with the academy, church and world.  As we are all faithful to this task, we will have tasted what each of us longs for: a place where you can flourish, a place we can all call home and a place that makes a difference for God’s kingdom.

Edee Schulze

Vice President and Dean of Students