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Racial Equality and Justice (REJ)

This ministry is funded solely through the generosity of people like you. If you would like to support REJ, please go to the giving site and click on "Racial Equality and Justice" when prompted.


About REJ

Racial Equality and Justice (REJ) is an organization that exists to educate students about the issues surrounding social and racial justice in the United States. They are committed to assisting and facilitating discussions so that students become moree aware of the issues that surround them everyday, while providing opportunities to allow individuals to understand and realize how they are affected by these issues. Beyond simply bringing attention to these issues they offer a unique opportunity to see first hand how these issues play out everyday in the lives of others.

During spring break they travel to Jackson, Mississippi to volunteer at the John M. Perkins Foundation. John Perkins is a major civil rights activist who has helped combat the issues of inequality and racism. He was also very instrumental in the movement for Christian Community Development. Over the course of the week, they work on several projects run by the foundation as well as delving into the scriptures to read about God's heart for reconcilitation, restoration and justice. Later in the week, they spend a day in Alabama to visit the Birmingham Civil Rights museum and other renown Civil Rights sites.

This year, students may register for REJ as a seminar and receive G.E. credit for Serving Society and Enacting Justice. Students still need to fill out an application participate. Please click here for the on-line REJ application.

Please contact the instructor, Elena Yee, for more information about the seminar (eyee@westmont.edu or 805-565-6132). The syllabus may be found here: REJ Seminar Syllabus

For more information about REJ, the John M. Perkins Foundation or questions about how to participate in this unique opportunity please feel free to contact rej@westmont.edu or call 805-565-7119.

Update on this year's service learning project to MS and AL: REJ in 2010

Co-Director Jameisha Washington jwashington@westmont.edu
Co-Director Katrina Kraynick kkraynick@westmont.edu


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REJ Office, Kerr Student Center

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Elena Yee
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