Educational Programs


From personal health and fitness opportunities to intercollegiate sports, Westmont offers a variety of athletic options.

Intercollegiate Athletics
The Westmont Warriors compete in 12 sports. Westmont is a member of the Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) and is affiliated with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA, Division I). Independently, Westmont competes against small colleges and major universities within California and nationwide. For more information, contact Dave Odell, athletic director x6110 or Kirsten Moore, associate athletic director x6836. For information on how to add or delete a varsity sport, see the Policies and Procedures section of the Student Handbook.

Intramural Events
Westmont’s intramural program offers an extensive variety of athletic and recreational activities for men and women. It includes major and minor sports, as well as a number of new and creative activities during the fall and spring semester. For more information contact coach Kristy Kiely, women's soccer coach, x7304, or check the intramural board at the Kinesiology office.

Campus Athletic Facilities
You may use the Westmont tennis and racquetball courts or visit the Wiegand Fitness Center, swimming pool, and Murchison Gymnasium during free activity hours. The kinesiology department coordinates use and posts open hours.

Internship Program

Don’t pass up an opportunity to apply your classroom knowledge and practice skills in the workplace! Santa Barbara offers a multitude of work and service opportunities. What’s more, some opportunities allow students to explore issues of diversity and justice, thereby fulfilling a general education requirement.

How does it work? Students enroll for internship-or-service credit during regular registration periods. (Internships and practica have course numbers ending with -190, such as APP-190, COM-190, BIO-190, etc. The zero-credit service option is APP-191SS.)

After securing an internship or service site, students finalize their registration by completing an on-line form called the "ILAF" (Internship Learning Agreement Form). You will find the ILAF link on the Internship Home Page. Go to "Student Information," and look under "Forms" on the left-hand menu.

During the internship semester, interns participate in a concurrent seminar on campus, processing the work experience in a community of peers.

Part-time internships are available in the fall and spring semesters, may be taken for either major or elective credit, and last a minimum of 12 weeks. The hours vary to accommodate the specific requirements of the internship and the major.

For current listings, check out WestmontLink. For more information, contact Jennifer Taylor at x6085 or email

Serving Society
Outside of a service-oriented internship, students have the option of fulfilling the Competent and Compassionate Action area of the GE requirement another way.

By enrolling in APP-191SS (Serving Society for zero credits) in advance of the service, a student participates in a minimum of 12 hours of community service over the course of the semester. Options for service vary widely. Some reading and written reflection is required. The student’s hours are documented, and his or her work is evaluated by a supervisor in the community. For more information, contact Jennifer Taylor at x6085 or e-mail

Off-Campus Programs

Westmont’s off-campus programs provide special academic opportunities in the United States and abroad. Westmont-run programs include:

  • England Semester
  • Europe Semester
  • Westmont in Istanbul
  • Westmont in Jerusalem
  • Westmont in Mexico
  • Westmont in San Francisco

You may also enroll in one of more than 50 other domestic or international Westmont-approved and sponsored programs through the Consortium Visitor Program, the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, language programs for Spanish and French majors, political science, biology, or art major programs.

In addition, Westmont faculty offer an increasing number of opportunities for Mayterm Study Programs, which include travel to Europe, Asia, Central America, Ireland, England and the Middle East.

For more information on the programs and application deadlines, please email off-campus programs office at or visit the Off Campus Programs website.

Student Life

Office of Life Planning: Resources for Direction, Transition and Calling
We can assist you at any stage of your time at Westmont. We'll help you:

  • Choose (or change) your major;
  • Find a job on or off campus;
  • Find vocational options that are a good fit;
  • Launch an effective job search, including resume preparation, effective interviewing, and networking;
  • Search and prepare for graduate school.

Call us for an appointment at x6031, visit us in person on the top floor of the library, or check our website where you’ll find lots of information about everything we do.

Intercultural Programs
Believing that the call to be a redemptive and diverse community is rooted in scripture and evident in God’s creation, we provide resources and support to encourage open dialogue, to develop intercultural maturity and competence, and to foster authentic relationships among students of all backgrounds. We are committed to supporting students of color for their social and academic success, and to celebrating our different heritages and cultures for all to enjoy and appreciate. Our office is also called to educate the community and create more awareness around diversity, social and racial justice, and multicultural identity.

There are a variety of ways to get involved such as joining an Intercultural Organization (ICO), e.g. Asian Student Association, Black Student Union, Hawaii No Ka’ ‘Oi, the Latino Cultural Organization, Nomads (International Students), Multi Ethnic Student Association and Racial Equality and Justice (REJ). These ICOs exist to support our students from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds and to create more awareness and education about our community.

Campus Life Office
The Campus Life Office provides advisory support and training for student leaders involved in the Westmont College Student Association, Westmont Activities Council (WAC), student ministries, Potter’s Clay, Urban Initiative, Spring Sing and Emmaus Road. This support and training involves collaborating with faculty and staff to ensure a cohesive learning experience. The Campus Life Office also directs new-student orientation and provides leadership to coordinate other co-curricular, educational programming.

Campus Pastor’s Office
The Campus Pastor's office coordinates and provides leadership for chapel three times a week. It also offers spiritual counseling, teaching and spiritual direction. Our office is located upstairs in the Kerr Student Center. Come in and have a cup of coffee. We’d love to meet you and welcome you to the campus. If you would like to make an appointment with Campus Pastor Ben Patterson, please call x6170 or email Colleen Atkinson. If you would like to make an appointment with Joel Patterson, director of music and worship, please email him.

Residence Life
As a residential college, Westmont seeks to create an atmosphere that helps you develop as a whole person. The residence halls provide many opportunities for social, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Residence living contributes to our learning community. Whether you are grappling with a new concept in the classroom, a service project that awakens your compassion for others, or a required, reflective paper in the context of our disciplinary process, we hope you make connections between the college curriculum and your life experiences. Living in such close proximity to one another, coupled with activities and educational programs provided by the staff, make the residence halls an ideal place for these associations to occur.

Residence living also fosters a reflective community. Learning about yourself, your life in Christ, and your relationship with others is a significant part of your Westmont experience. Living in community allows you to enjoy common activities, form relationships with others, and develop the ability to work through difficult times. You will learn the benefits of suspending judgments in order to gain insight into perspectives that differ from your own. You will be challenged to learn more about yourself: who you are, who you want to be, and how you might contribute to our community.

In addition, campus living creates a responsive community. A culture of involvement at Westmont sets the stage for you to become an active participant in our community. Through formal programs or individual relationships, we encourage you to respond to various needs.

We also believe that the residential setting facilitates an appreciative community. During your college years, you will encounter a variety of thoughts and outlooks. The residential experience provides opportunities to learn from people of various economic, racial, denominational, political, and regional backgrounds. We invite you to be open to these differences and to clarify your own personal commitments.

Student Organizations

Applications for Core Team positions within each organization are accessible by visiting the Campus Life Office website and clicking on Common Application. Academic and conduct standards apply for all campus leadership roles. Applicants to student leadership positions must have a minimum 2.3 GPA. Additionally, students on disciplinary and chapel probation are not eligible to serve in student leadership positions.

Yearbook, Newspaper, Literary Magazine
The Citadel, Westmont’s yearbook, is produced annually by students. To inquire about serving on the staff, please contact Bri Metzner, editor.
The Horizon, Westmont’s newspaper, is published by students each week and features news and views on a variety of issues and topics. The Horizon is available Tuesday afternoons in several locations, including the post office, the dining commons, and the library. To inquire about contributing to the paper or serving on the staff, contact the editor, Lanie Rivera.
The Phoenix is Westmont’s literary magazine. Produced by students, the Phoenix features students’ poetry, prose, visual arts, and a CD of student music. For more information contact the editor, Annie Kyle.

Westmont Activities Council
The Westmont Activities Council (WAC) works hand in hand with the assistant director of campus life to plan and implement large-scale social and educational events for Westmont students. WAC oversees the volunteer student programming board. The events WAC plans include dances, concerts, Midnight Madness, speakers, panels, and more. For information or to suggest an event idea, contact

Westmont College Student Association
The Westmont College Student Association (WCSA) serves as the voice of the student body. This council of elected officers represents the student population to the college's administration. WCSA also oversees clubs and helps fund student-initiated projects and programs around campus. WCSA is committed to connecting and unifying all the constituencies that make up the Westmont community. For more information, contact

Student Clubs
Westmont clubs provide a great opportunity for students to get involved on campus. Clubs can be academic, athletic, ethnic in nature or they can based on a common or special interest. Clubs are student-run and are supported through WCSA and the Campus Life Office. For a list of clubs and information on starting a club visit this site. Contact the WCSA clubs administrator with additional club questions.

Emmaus Road
Emmaus Road is committed to providing opportunities for students to grow and develop into globally minded men and women through global programming on campus and summer partnerships and incarnational ministry overseas. This summer alone, Emmaus Road sent student teams to partner with long-term workers in Guatemala, Bolivia, China, Uganda, Nepal, Spain, Israel, Madagascar, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, and the Philippines. Past student teams have worked in rural medical facilities, served in orphanages, ministered to refugees while living amount those they hoped to serve. To learn more please contact

Potter's Clay
Potter's Clay (PC) is a 37-year partnership between Westmont and the community of Ensenada, Mexico. It is Westmont's oldest continuously running ministry. Each year, the PC core team actively partners with our friends in Ensenada to plan a year of mutually beneficial ministry and service. Whether it be on teams for construction, haircutting, kitchen work, medical/dental, sports, praise & worship or VBS there is ample opportunity for ALL to be actively involved in this ministry. Email for more info.

Urban Initiative
Urban Initiative aims to introduce students to the often harsh realities of inner-city life while seeking to demonstrate Christ-like compassion to those affected most. They accomplish this primarily through campus events, weekend service projects, and spring break immersion trips to the colorful and eclectic cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles - as well as to our very own Santa Barbara - all of which help to promote discussion and better understanding of complex urban issues such as racism and poverty. To learn more about this perspective-changing organization, contact

Orientation Team
The task of welcoming new students, both first-year and transfer, to the Westmont community falls to the Orientation Team. This group of six students works to plan and execute the Orientation experience, ensuring that new students make a successful transition to Westmont. Throughout the year, the Orientation Team continues the relationships built in August as they host first-year educational programs, the first-year retreat and other activities. For more information on the Orientation Team, check out this site.

Spring Sing
Spring Sing is Westmont's longest standing tradition. Students complete annually on behalf of their residence halls in this talent extravaganza. Each act features innovative songs, drama and dancing as students strive for the coveted honor of winning the sweepstakes award and a place in Westmont lore. With hilarious side acts to complement the house shows as well as surprise hosts and cameo appearances by favorite faculty and staff, Spring Sing is the can't-miss event of the year! For more information, contact

Both informal and formal dances are popular at Westmont. Most dances are planned and sponsored by the Westmont Activities Council (WAC). In addition, other student life offices or official campus organizations may sponsor dances.

The director of campus life is responsible to communicate college standards and expectations to all groups that request to sponsor a dance and also to guide the approval process. Helpful guidelines have been established to ensure that campus dances are consistent with the Community Life Statement and uphold the high standards we have for college events.

Dance Proposal Forms are available in the Campus Life Office and must be submitted to the director of campus life at least 10 days before the intended date. This time period allows for adequate review of all proposals including evaluation of conflicts with other scheduled campus events. The proposal form includes guidelines for chaperones, musicians and DJs, the general atmosphere, and other dance-planning procedures to uphold the spirit of the Community Life Statement. The responsibility to uphold the guidelines and confront breaches of those guidelines falls upon the sponsoring organization as well as the staff and faculty chaperones.