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Thank you for your
interest in our account.

We believe you will find this account to be attractive in many respects. We are substantially pleased with our current provider (Sodexho Marriott) who, with their predecessors in ownership, have served the College well for over thirty years. Nevertheless, we take seriously the need to carefully evaluate the market, and we consider ourselves genuinely receptive to viable alternatives.

NOTE: The online bid you will find here appears as it was issued originally in 2001. In looking back at the process, we would have changed only two key things: 1) we would have consolidated the first five "Bid Documents" into a single document so that both we and the bidders could have searched and updated as needed all in one file; and 2) we would not have used the "Dynamic Bid" concept, an innovation that, although it worked as described, was a source of some unnecessary complication and confusion. Otherwise, though, the electronic process was smooth and convenient for all involved, and a vast improvement over a paper approach.