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This page provides complete instructions for Resubmissions,
plus an overview of the Dynamic Bid stage.


The original specifications remain unchanged from their issuance as of 3/20/01.

Resubmissions are due by the date/time indicated on the Timetable. They should be submitted by email only (either as message text or else as Word and/or Excel attachments, sent to tharris@westmont.edu and to campuscounsel@sympatico.ca), not on paper. Narrative should not in total exceed the equivalent of five (5) pages of text, and may be as brief as a single paragraph.

The resubmission should contain: a) changes you may wish to make to your initial proposal, if any [clearly cross-referenced to item/page]; b) any clarifications you may feel would be helpful, based on our questions on paper or at the presentation, or based on your own further reflections or observations; and/or c) any points you want to summarize or emphasize. If you wish to amend your financial model or your annual return percentage, please describe the change in your narrative and attach your revised bid template (with all changed values highlighted in red text, and with the file name showing the more recent revision date).

Each Proponent will receive from us a second round of questions. Answers to these questions should be emailed separately from the Resubmission; responses to these should not be figured into the five-page maximum. We must receive them no later than the same date/time as the Resubmissions, but if they are ready earlier of course that would be great. / TOP / SEARCH / HOME

Dynamic Bid Info

Westmont College, with the assistance of CampusCounsel, has enlisted the services of TD Marketsite (located on the Internet at www.tdmarketsite.com) as the application host for the event. The information and documentation supplied to Proponents by email will provide pertinent information regarding the event, and must be read prior to bidder registration and the trial bidding event. Proponents will need to understand these documents and the various procedures in order to participate successfully in the dynamic bid.

As previously outlined, the purpose of this bidding event is to establish the sum of money that each Proponent would be prepared to provide the College as inducement to enter an agreement with a seven-year expected term consisting of an initial one-year contract with six one-year renewals (subject to the specified terms and conditions). The funds offered in the dynamic bid will be a factor in the overall proposal evaluation process. It will form an element of each total proposal package and will be evaluated in relation to the other proponents' total offerings. The College is not obliged to award to the Proponent whose dynamic bid is highest.

All dynamic bid funds will be dedicated for capital investment in the college's food program, and the Provider will have input as to how they are invested. Note that whatever amount is offered in the dynamic bid process is NOT to be charged to the unit P&L; it must be a corporate contribution -- amortized, if at all, elsewhere than against this account. / TOP / SEARCH / HOME

Detailed instructions will be emailed to Proponents no later than the date shown in the Timetable. In the meantime, here is an overview of this process.

· All bidding will be blind as to amounts offered; only relative ranking will be visible to other Proponents.
· Each Proponent will be entitled to present 1 bid per round.
· The starting bid in subsequent rounds must be higher than the previous round by the set increment amount (eg, if a bidder's first round offer was $15,000, their second round minimum bid must be $20,000 [ie, $15,000 + the increment amount of $5,000]). The initial and incremental minimums will be shown in the detailed instructions to come.
· Each bidder/proponent will receive one waiver option. This waiver can be used in a chosen round, eliminating the need for a bid in that particular round.
· Each round will be ranked and posted prior to the following round.
· If the bidder is ranked highest, they do not have to bid in the next round, and will not need to use their waiver. If there is a tie for highest, then all bidders must bid or use their waiver.
· If a bidder passes and their waiver has been used, they will be considered out of contention and their ID will be cancelled for the remainder of the event (however, they will remain in consideration for award at the highest bid amount they offered).
· The Event will continue until all waivers have been used.

The Dynamic Bidding Event is scheduled to be held on the date/time shown in the Timetable. The Event will run until only one bidder is left and all [other] waivers have been utilized. / TOP / SEARCH / HOME

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