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Vision & Values

Food is integral to the
Westmont community experience.

Prospective Students - eager to come back
Current Students - bragging to their friends
All Their Parents - confident their "kids" will be well fed
Catering Guests - delighted, and thus favorably disposed
Summer Diners - pleasantly surprised
Faculty & Staff - always glad to partake
Alumni - fond are their DC memories

Creativity abounds.
When food is mentioned, faces brighten.


Sharing a meal is one of life's most delightful means of building relationship -- and relationship is of paramount priority at Westmont. All diners are to be accorded dignity and respect -- as also are those who serve them.

Westmont's student meal program is the flagship of the campus dining fleet. The summer program demands high quality, and the catering service must approach perfection. Yet without a school full of happy student diners the other functions would have no one to serve. The board plan affects generations of students, and so the need for excellence there is non-negotiable. Students tell their kid siblings, their younger buddies and others what life is like at Westmont, and we want what they say to be enticing.

While the board plan and the summer program continue apace year-round, the catering needs fluctuate significantly. We recognize the dynamic tension presented by these sometimes conflicting priorities, and we understand that catering may occasionally, but briefly, need to take precedence. Nevertheless, a sustained focus on the year-round program is crucial to the Provider's success. / TOP / SEARCH / HOME


Westmont is characterized by a sense of community, even family. The Provider's staff are welcomed as part of that family, and are even extended certain privileges of family members (eg, access to the library and other services and events). (For that matter, we would be pleased to invite to our campus a gathering of the Provider organization, such as a district meeting.)

Our purpose in this bid process is to pursue the best available overall value relative to the program offered and its costs. Then, after executing an agreement with the selected Provider, our commitment is to pursue equilibrium. That is, whatever changes are made to the program over the agreement term will be negotiated so as to preserve parity between the parties. Certainly it will be in the Provider's best interests to periodically introduce, within the existing price structure, new features that enhance the value perceived by the College. However, the College will not presume upon the Provider's good will by demanding uncompensated program enrichment. (According to custom, and by mutual agreement, some program enhancements may be blended into annual price adjustments.)

We intend both the bid process and the contract relationship to be distinguished by uncompromising integrity and appropriate transparency. The contract is to be seen as dynamic, adaptable by mutual agreement as circumstances and understandings evolve. While we have diligently sought to accurately portray our existing program and its traditions, any which may have been inadvertently overlooked will nevertheless be binding upon the Provider, subject to bona fide evidence of its place in our current history. We intend no surprises, but we also know that everything we now receive is, in net, amply rewarded within the price we have gladly paid. / TOP / SEARCH / HOME


We have structured this bid with the assumption that our next couple of years under the new contract will be substantially similar to our recent experience. We are not seeking change for change sake. In fact, any new partnership involves a time of synchronizing mutual expectations, and we believe the challenges for both parties inherent in that process would be adequate without adding other layers of change.

Thus we expect that with our Provider we will begin to explore, but not immediately undertake, potential improvements of a larger scale. Among them: 1) the notion of embracing a declining balance payment plan instead of the current all-you-can-eat plan; 2) bringing some of the food preparation out to where students can enjoy watching it in action; and also 3) the major improvements we've mapped out for an eventual facility expansion (which may include moving the short-order service to a more visible and accessible location, and shifting the dishroom toward the kitchen). For the record, we do not foresee seeking a capital contribution now or later from the Provider.

Smaller projects we envision, which may be initiated more quickly, include some ways to make the facility more suitable and attractive for after-hours study, acquisition of a mobile kitchen (it may make sense to have the Provider participate in that cost), a complete carpet replacement, adding a self-service steak grill, installing storage and a sink upstairs in the building for event service there, creating an 8- or 10-meal alternate plan, and implementation of automation efficiencies such as a web-based catering and pack-out request system. / TOP / SEARCH / HOME

Effect of This Module

This module of the bid documents establishes the framework for all of the others. Every word of the agreement between the College and the Provider is to be interpreted in favor of achieving the ends expressed here. Both parties are accountable for their best efforts toward fulfilling the vision depicted, and for relating according to the values described. Submittal of a proposal signifies a Proponent's conviction of compatibility with these aims, and execution of an agreement constitutes the Provider's unqualified corporate commitment thereto. / TOP / SEARCH / HOME