lives of others
Runtime: 138 min
Year: 2007

The Lives of Others
Friday, January 11th • Page Multi-Purpose Room7pm

Moderators: Lisa DeBoer (Professor of Art) & Jennifer Salemann (Office of Off-Campus Programs)

"Set in East Berlin, in the resonant year 1984, this is a film about truth, deception, integrity and betrayal. Part spy film, part art film, it succeeds brilliantly on every level. But it isn't just a "really good movie." It is also an unsettling (and unsettlingly beautiful) depiction of the conditions under which East Germans lived. Neighbor spied on neighbor. Parent on child. Employee on boss. And, as the actor Ulrich Mühe (who plays the secret policeman, Gerd Wiesler) knew from first hand experience, wives spy on husbands. I found parts of this film almost too hard to watch because I recognized that in very important ways, this is not fiction." --Lisa DeBoer

Runtime: 154 min
Year: 2006

Superman Returns
Saturday, January 26th • Page Multi-Purpose Room • 7pm

Moderators: Scott Anderson (Professor of Art) & Bruce Fisk (Professor of Religious Studies)

"Superman Returns marks an unusual jumpstart to an already-existing franchise, wherein director Bryan Singer (wisely) ignores installments Superman 3 and 4 as if they never happened, and instead reboots the hero's mythology, utilizing back story elements from only the first two Superman films from decades earlier. The film details the return of Superman to Metropolis after several years spent in outer space, where he finds that the world has moved on and no longer "needs" a Superman. Most interesting, though, is Singer's choice to deliberately and overtly portray Superman as a Christ figure throughout the film. While the film is intended primarily as comic-book entertainment, it also serves as a fascinating example of pop-culture Biblical exegesis." --Scott Anderson

Runtime: 101 min
Year: 1993

Groundhog Day
Saturday, February 2nd • Page Multi-Purpose Room • 7pm

Moderator: Wayne Iba (Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science)

"You've seen it -- you loved it. What could be better than watching it again? (And again, and again, . . . .) If you've not seen it, what do you think condescension, larceny, suicide, seduction, kindness, service and self-sacrifice have to do with each other? Correct; they all figure prominently in this feel-good romantic comedy that turns out to be surprisingly rich. Bill Murray plays an egotistical jerk who finds that "the one who sows to the flesh will reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap eternal life" (Gal 6:8). Whether for the first time or the fifth time, come enjoy and explore the depths of this delightful film."--Wayne Iba

Runtime: 110
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2006

Children of Men
Saturday, March 8th • Page Multi-Purpose Room • 7pm

Moderators: Steve Cook (Professor of English) & Telford Work (Professor of Religious Studies)

Alfonso Cuaron directs this film version of P.D. James's classic dystopian novel (and Oscar nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay), a futuristic drama set in a world in which humans have lost the ability to reproduce and subsequently face certain extinction. Things change when a single woman mysteriously becomes pregnant, prompting a conflicted government bureaucrat (Clive Owen) and his ex-wife (Julianne Moore) to join forces to protect her. Michael Caine co-stars. (

Runtime: 121 min
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Year: 2006
Friday, April 18th • Page Multi-Purpose Room • 7pm

Moderators: Mary Docter (Professor of Modern Languages) & Araceli Ardón (Professor of Spanish)

Written and directed by Spanish filmmakePedro Almodóvar, this humorous fantasy stars Carmen Maura as Abuela Irene, who revisits her hometown in the La Mancha region -- in spectral form -- to resolve problems she couldn't settle during her life. Abuela's spirit gradually becomes a reassuring presence to her daughters (Penélope Cruz, in an Oscar-nominated performance, and Lola Dueñas) and granddaughter (Yohana Cobo). (


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