Westmont Summer Scholars Residence Life Staff


Annie Borden will serve as the Resident Director for Westmont Summer Scholars 2016.

Getting to Know Annie

Education: B.A. in Religious Studies from Westmont College

Hometown: Clayton, CA

How did you end up at Westmont? Originally, I ended up at Westmont as a student. My mom attended Westmont, so I visited the college with her one year for homecoming and fell in love with the campus and felt led to attend. In my current role, I applied after some conversations with Stu and got hired!

Favorite thing about Westmont? I love the community of Westmont -- students are so passionate and faculty and staff truly care about students well being.

What makes you laugh? My husband Jesse or my son Asher. I also love obscure movie quotes, puns, grammar jokes, and other nerdy humor.

Favorite book(s) in your library? My poetry-- Book of Hours by Rilke and pretty much any Wendell Berry or Mary Oliver.

What states and/or countries have you lived in and for how long? Mostly I have lived in California, but I also have done a 4 month stint in England, 3 months in Tanzania, and 7 months in Belize.

What hidden skill or talent do you have that most people wouldn't guess? I love to
swing dance!