Art Circles 2017-2018

Museum Members

Jeremy Wold
Stephan Baker
David Morley
Kenneth and Shirley Waxman
Brooke Baxter
Carol Pattison
Gail Weeks
Cynthia James
Donn and Beth Schmohr
David Yager
Dinora Cardoso

Art Enthusiasts' Circle

Robert and Joan Dwhirst
Pendleton Tudor
Paul Longanach
Tony and Barbara Askew

Art Collectors' Circle

Katherine Bradford and Mark Bradley
Helene Winter
Wendi Hunter
Don and Siu Zimmerman
Garrett and Ginny Speirs
Susan Bower

Art Patrons' Circle

Connie Connally & Hal Michel
Terrence McGuigan
Peter and Rececca Adams
Terry and Holli Harmon
Lori Hubbard

Major Benefactor

Bill and Rosemarie Gebhart

Friends of the Museum

Christine and Robert Emmons
Ken and Francie Jewesson
Diane Dodds-Reichert & David Reichert

Director's Circle

Lady Leslie-Ridley-Tree
Lillian Lovelace