Natural Law and Evangelical Political Thought

A Conference at Westmont College | February 17-19, 2011

Long a cornerstone of social and political thought in the broader Christian tradition, natural law theory describes moral norms common to all humans and intelligible to all. Several scholars have recently critiqued evangelicals for neglecting natural law in their political thought. Its relative absence, they contend, has weakened the coherence of evangelical political thought, limited the extent to which evangelicals can communicate with others, and undermined efforts to reach common ground in political morality. This conference brings together a diverse group of scholars to explore a variety of questions on the role of natural law in evangelical political thought. Featured Speakers include Robert George of Princeton University and J. Budziszewski of University of Texas, Austin.

J. Budziszewski
J. Budziszewski
University of Texas, Austin

Robert GeorgeRobert George,
Princeton University

Conference panels are open to all registered attendees (see the registration page) and several lectures are open to the general public (registration not required) as well. See the schedule page for more details.

This conference is made possible through the partnership of the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, the Department of Political Science, and the Campus Pastor’s Office.