First Lecture 2014

The Lecture

knechtEvery year, one faculty member is chosen by Westmont's President, Dr. Beebe, to give what is known as the First Lecture during Orientation. The First Lecture was inaugurated in 2008 and serves as a transition between a high school and college learning environment. This year's distinguished faculty member is Dr. Thomas Knecht, Associate Professor of Political Science. Dr. Knecht has chosen Steve Monsma's Healing for a Broken World to lecture on. All new students are expected to read this book prior to arriving for Orientation.

The book

healing for a broken world

Do today's believers know how to be not simply good citizens but good Christian citizens? Are they ready to respond to contemporary public policy issues such as genocide, global AIDS, global warming, and human trafficking according to Scripture rather than any particular political agenda? A growing segment of them are, even if they aren't quite sure how to accomplish it. This book is for them.