Engage at Westmont

intlOk! You are now an offical Westmont college student!

With you specifically in mind, we have created a list of resources at Westmont, as well as websites, that we hope you will find useful, practical, and helpful. Please click on the links below to explore them.

If you still have questions, don't be shy--ask! We would love to answer them-- and also, get to know you!

Helpful Resources at Westmont

  1. Programs and Resources at Westmont
  2. Exploring Santa Barbara
  3. Tips & Advice from Upperclass International Students at Westmont
  4. Grocery stores in the area
  5. Banks in the area
  6. Transportation
  7. GISA: Westmont's Global and International Student Association
  8. Summer storage
  9. What are other current students at Westmont doing? Link to Westmont's Student Life page.

Helpful Websites for International Students

  1. ISI (International Students Incorporated), a Christian outreach to international students. There is a great chapter in SB.
  2. Denizen: An Online magazine that's mission is to support TCKs'. ( GISA's current president, Andy Wood, particularly recommends Steph Yui's article, " A Third Culture's Guide to College." )

A Welcome from Aandy woodndy

" I'm Andy. I was fortunate to spend most of my life in Ometepec, Mexico, but was born in Colombia. I loved growing up in small-town Mexico. All my friends were Mexican, I went to Mexican public school and loved driving my no-door, stick-shift jeep up and down the hills of town greeting everyone I saw. My parents are missionaries and I grew up helping them in their ministry. I didn't know how fortunate I was to live such a unique life until I came to College. College was the first time in my life when I lived away from my family, my town, and my Mexican culture, and it was HARD! It was very difficult for me to adjust to American culture, but I truly enjoy it now. Coming to Westmont has been a wonderful experience. I have felt very loved and appreicated"
Andy Wood
GISA president