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Photos from the President's Breakfast

All photos by Brad Elliott
  • The Westmont College Choir began the breakfast with “Nitaimba Sifa” sung in Swahili
  • About 700 people attended the ninth annual event
  • John Ambrecht, chair of the Westmont Foundation Board of Directors, thanked the sponsors
  • John Davies, chair of the President’s Breakfast Committee, introduced President Gayle D. Beebe
  • President Beebe spoke briefly about Westmont and introduced Muhammad Yunus
  • George Leis, representative of lead sponsor Union Bank, and President Beebe present Yunus with the Westmont Medal
  • Yunus earned a Nobel Peace Prize, the U.S. Presidential Medal and the U.S. Congressional Medal
  • Cynthia Toms, director of global education, introduces Yunus at convocation
  • A panel of Westmont students questioned Yunus during convocation
  • Yunus says it’s his stubbornness that keeps him motivated to overcome opposition
  • English major Andy Wood asked how the social business model can be protected from corruption
  • More than a thousand people came to Murchison Gym to listen to Yunus at convocation
  • “I wasn’t trying to change the world, I was just trying to change one person’s life for one day,” Yunus said
  • Yunus shook hands and posed for pictures with fans following the convocation