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Philosophical Perspectives on Truth and Value

Philosophical Perspecitves on Truth and Value, taught by Chris Hoeckely, PhD

Where should I look for truth: Science? Faith? Both? Is the physical world all there is? Is my body all there is to me, or is there something more? How do we tell what is ethical, and why do different cultures seem to disagree? How should we be governed, and what role does government have in major issues like poverty and war? Come probe some of the fascinating and fundamental questions of human existence.

Chris teachingChris Hoeckley directs the Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts at Westmont as well as teaching philosophy. He received his PhD in philosophy from the Claremont Graduate School, where his research focused on philosophy of science and its relationship to the justification of religious belief. His recent scholarship has turned to the ethics of war, examining the implications of traditional ethical views for contemporary conflicts and exploring views on war grounded in distinctly Christian commitments. As Gaede Institute director, he has organized nine national conferences on liberal arts education and has developed materials for helping prospective students, current students, and faculty better understand the distinct nature and value of the liberal arts.

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