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General Psychology

taught by Carmel Saad, PhD

General Psychology is a survey of major areas of psychology with an emphasis on basic concepts, theories, and facts of human thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Students will learn about personality, social psychology, emotion, memory, biological processes, developmental psychology, cognition, consciousness, and therapy. Students will also learn how scientific methodology is utilized in psychological research and will learn critical thinking skills. They will be able to understand and critique how we gain knowledge about people. They will work together and with the instructor to discover how to understand and predict human behavior.

Carmel SaadDr. Carmel Saad specializes in the experience of biculturalism, examining cultural influences on emotion, creativity, self-concept, and mental health. Carmel graduated with a BA from UC Santa Barbara and earned a master of arts degree and a doctorate in social and personality psychology from UC Davis. She taught at Napa Valley College, UC Davis and University of the Pacific before joining the Westmont faculty.  She loves being at Westmont, believing that it makes the undergraduate experience more meaningful when you can develop the whole person: the intellectual side and their faith and character.