studyingExplore fundamental issues in the human experience through a variety of courses.

Choose one four-unit course and earn full college credit while fulfilling a Westmont General Education requirement.

Attend classes each day for three and a half hours, with daily study sessions led by mentors—current Westmont students who will support your academic and residential experiences.

This year's courses...

General Psychology, taught by Carmel Saad, Ph.D.


Why do you do the things you do? Why do your friends and family do the things they do? General Psychology will help answer these questions for you!


Philosophical Perspectives on Truth and Value, taught by Christian Hoeckley, Ph.D.

philosophy Where should I look for truth: Science? Faith? Both? Is my body all there is to me, or is there something more? How do we tell what is ethical, and why do different cultures seem to disagree? Come probe some of the fascinating and fundamental questions of human existence.