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Welcome to the Martin Institute for Christianity and Culture and Dallas Willard Center for Christian Spiritual Formation.

The Martin Institute, together with the Dallas Willard Center (MI/DWC), was founded at Westmont College for the purpose of helping to establish the field of Christian spiritual formation as a discipline of public knowledge and enhancing opportunities for meaningful dialogue with world Christianity and world religions.

More specifically, the vision of the MI/DWC is to place an enduring emphasis on the literary, historical and Christian heritage of Dallas Willard and others in the modern spiritual formation movement. Collectively, these authors form a school of thought that focuses on the possibility and path to authentic spiritual and moral transformation.

It is the intention of the MI/DWC to begin to offer a substantive response to the charge by Dallas Willard that: “…the spiritual formation field lacks intellectual rigor and testable information needed to put the gospel and spiritual life in Christ on the cognitive map for the multitudes of people who are hungry for something real.”

Initial efforts of the MI/DWC will focus on:

  • Maintaining an educational presence through publications, intensive spiritual formation educational programs, and the development of an interactive web site.
  • Cultivating a network of professional contacts through hosting and participating in conferences, and collaborating with other organizations that share the goals of the MI/DWC.
  • Developing a collection of materials accessible to researchers and other interested visitors.
  • Working with the faculty, student life and other departments at Westmont College to pilot a variety of spiritual formation programs and opportunities for students.

Thank you for visiting us online. We hope you have a chance to visit in person, and look forward to introducing you to our resources and facilities. Through service to those who use its resources and by making known the words of key spiritual formation authors, the MI/DWC strives to continue their legacy.

Gary W. Moon


Gary W. Moon
Executive Director