TA hours for Assignment 2:
Sunday, January 22, 7:00–8:30 pm, Winter Hall Room 311.

Problem 1 Assignment 2 re-wording:
Do Westmont women generally exhibit a greater amount of "initial stretch" stretch and reach flexibility than Westmont men? Later in the course you will learn how to give a precise statistical answer to this question. For now you will produce some basic information. To get started copy the relevant data for you and your classmates onto columns A (for men) and B (for women) of the "Problem 1" worksheet in the "Assignment-02.xls" file for your account. Be sure you keep the results for the men and women separate. They will comprise the two data sets you will use for this problem.

The rest of the problem remains the same.

Examination Dates
Exam 1: Friday, February 3
Exam 2: Wednesday, March 8
Exam 3: Wednesday, April 12

Final: Monday, May 1, 12:00–2:00 p.m.
Note: According to college policy, final exam times may only be changed by petition (available from the Registrar’s office) to the Academic Senate Review Committee at least two weeks prior to the examination date. Requests to change an exam time to accommodate travel plans are not granted by the committee. Students who have three exams scheduled on the same date will be allowed to change exam times, but a petition must still be filed with the Registrar’s office. For a complete description of Westmont’s final examination policies, as well as the final examination schedule, click here.