CS116 -- Artificial Intelligence
Fall, 2006
(last updated 8/28/2006)


Time and place: TTh, 1:15-3:05 pm; VL 106
Wayne Iba,
office: new Math and Computer Science Building,
phone: 565-6799
Office Hourse: see my teaching page
Required Textbooks: 
Nilsson, N. J. (1998).  Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis.  Morgan Kaufmann: San Francisco, CA.
Haugeland, J. (ed.)  (1997).  Mind Design II: Philosophy, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence (revised and enlarged edition).  MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.

Preliminary Official Syllabus

Tentative class schedule 

Course summary
This class will explore the principles of Artificial Intelligence from several perspectives.  We will extensively consider the philosophy of mind as one approach to studying AI.  We will also survey the computational methods and problems that have traditionally been associated with AI.  The course will be conducted as (roughly) one-third seminar, one-third tutorial and lab, and one-third lecture.  The seminar component will involve reading philosophical and technical papers, writing analyses of the readings, and discussing the readings in class.  The goals of the course are to gain an understanding of the nature of intelligence, the problems with constructing computer artifacts that generate intelligent behavior, and the philosophical questions surrounding intelligence and mind.