A globe from within

Fall 2015 -- Still Germinating


The first-year seminar introduces students to the learning enterprise at Westmont. As such, students are invited into the joys and challenges of developing a life of the mind. We hope to discover the importance of asking questions and to cultivate the humility needed to ask them.

In this particular edition, we will explore the meaning and nature of sustainability and reflect on what we can do to live sustainably. In recent years, sustainability has become a frequently used and sometimes over-used and even mis-used word. Purely from a perspective of preserving life on this planet, it seems clear that we ought to understand sustainable designs and activities and learn to practice making and doing them. But more importantly from a Christian perspective, we should understand the ways in which we are commanded to care for this creation and how those commands relate to and constrain sustainable living. To accomplish these goals, we will use readings, film clips, class discussion, writing exercises, hikes, and volunteer work as specific practices that offer increased understanding of sustainability.

Course Materials