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Spring 2014

Office Hours: Mon. 2:00-5:00; Tue. 1:30-4:00; also available for ‘Take-a-Prof-to-lunch’ on Mon. 11:30-12:30 or Wed. & Fri. 11:30-2:00;

CS030 Introduction to Computer Science II
CS195 Senior Seminar
CS198 Research

Previous courses

CS010 Introduction to Computer Science I
CS030 Introduction to Computer Science II
CS050 Morality, Information, Logic & Knowledge; (AKA Information & Computation: History & Ethics; Computer Ethics; Understanding the Information Society; Minds, Machines and Zombies; and others)
CS105 Programming Languages
CS116 Artificial Intelligence
CS125 Database Design
CS130 Software Development
CS150 Topics in Computer Science: Machine Learning
CS195 Senior Seminar