Art Department Alumni

Alumni of the Department of Art at Westmont have entered a variety of art-related fields. Below are a few selected alums who have gone on to great success in their respective careers.

Betsy Freeman (2016) Since graduating from Westmont, Betsy has worked as a graphic designer in San Francisco. In addition to her freelance practice, Betsy has designed for Quardio (San Francisco) and currently works for Raised Real. Betsy comments that her years at Westmont not only “gave me strong problem solving skills that helped me see beyond the perceived confines of my title to achieve much bigger goals for my company, and therefore to excel quickly into leadership roles," but also “helped me develop a sense that success is much more than my salary or status, which gives me confidence to freely pursue the opportunities God has put before me, free of fear or self-doubt.”

Rachelle Fields (2012) After Westmont, Rachelle attended The Illustration Academy in Kansas City during the summer of 2013. Additionally, she has taken graphic design classes through The School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. She currently works and lives in Seattle as a Textile/CAD Designer for Tommy Bahama. She's happy to answer questions from current Westmont students regarding her work.

Joel Daniel Phillips (2011) Adept at both drawing and graphic design, Joel’s semester spent at Westmont in San Francisco led to a design job offer from the architectural firm where he interned. Moving to the Bay Area upon graduation, Joel spent his free time drawing the homeless centered around his living space. These large-scale photorealist drawings caught the attention of a local gallery, and now Joel is making his living as a full-time fine artist.

Gloria Tebelman (2007) One of our first graduates to work in typography and graphic design for her Senior Exhibition work, Gloria received an MFA in graphic design from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2010. She returned to her native San Diego to work as an associate art director for San Diego Magazine, and is currently a Senior Designer for Reader’s Digest in New York City.

Katie King Rumford (2006) Katie earned her MFA in graphic design in 2012 from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. After stints working at MetaDesign and Ammunition Group, she now freelances as a graphic designer in New York City.

Isaac Steiner (2005) Armed with a handful of computer graphics under his belt, Isaac parlayed his training and resourcefulness into a production artist job at Phillips Design after graduation. He currently lives in Chicago and works as a Visual Designer for user experience design firm Fuzzy Math.

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell (2005) Ben has become one of the most acclaimed designers working in avant-garde furniture today. His work has been profiled in such publications as Town, Dwell, and The Robb Report, among others. His “Binary Chair” was prominently featured in the marketing materials for Lady Gaga’s ArtPop album tour.

Cheyenne Ellis (2001) Cheyenne pursued further training in photography post-Westmont at the Brooks Institute and went on to apprentice under the famed photographer Irving Penn in New York for two years. A fashion lifestyle photographer, Cheyenne has worked for clients ranging from Banana Republic, Gap, Target and People Magazine.

Robin Eley (2001) Upon graduating, Robin returned to his native Adelaide, Australia, where he founded a successful multimedia/concept design firm. But a desire to paint led him to study at the Illustration Academy, where he learned the skills to become a successful and highly in-demand illustrator. He then morphed his career a third time when he decided to pursue a gallery career, and his three one-man shows to date have been complete sellouts.

Abigail McBride (1996) Immediately launching her studio career after graduation, Abigail has been painting full time ever since. She has achieved national recognition as a Cape School Colorist, American Impressionist plein air painter and portrait artist. She is in high demand as a teacher, juror of events and gallery artist. She exhibits primarily on the East Coast in fine art galleries and museums.