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Instructor of Art
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Best Yet Clay Porcelain Saggar Fired Ceramic Clay Fiber


Artist’s Statement

“Art is the work of a person - a human being who is free to take into him/her self what is seen outside and from their free center put their human stamp on it. The artist is the sign that the world or reality is shaped by the man” - Corita Kent

I believe that I approach my art much as I approach life. Just as with clay, there exists first of all a center, a stillness which comes from focusing, paying attention, a discipline which in turn enables the individual, the clay, to be free. This freedom allows one to play, to experience the world, not only with the child in us and it is the child which enables us to create. To play is to stand in hope, joyfully, on one foot in a state of disequilibrium. It leads one to become totally involved in the process, asking questions and reaching out for answers, taking a risk, perhaps to fall, but also to grow.

In my work I see merging of traditions with new experiences, working within the context of a dialogue with the clay. The pieces at times reflect nature, yet as they progress and the clay’s skin responds to the touch, it becomes steeped in the process. Each movement begins to dictate the next, revealing form and textures, gradually developing the ceramic work and also the artist. At times it seems not enough to be inspired by nature but to take the process one step further and incorporate natural elements of wood, fiber, etc. into the actual pieces.

As a young child, I began drawing and water painting. When working with clay, its surface lent itself to brush work, and then transition to flat tiles which accommodates an entire palette of colors.

Then there is the fire; turning the clay over to the kiln knowing that regardless of how much effort, time, skill, and imagination you have put forth, the fire will leave its mark. This spiritual link between clay and fire has led me to extensive research and experimentation regarding the ancient Saggar-Raku techniques.

There is one other element of my work which I must address. In keeping with Eastern ideals I feel there is also an important role that is specifically fulfilled by the daily use of beautiful pottery; to enrich the daily lives of common man.

So it seems that the ceramic artist is always standing on one foot in anticipation, regardless of the joy and pain, learning to accept the gift in gratitude.


  • MFA Ceramics Emphasis UC Santa Barbara, 1984
  • Instructor Credential Fine and Applied Arts and Related technologies, 1984
  • MA Early Childhood Education San Jose State University, 1976
  • Teaching Credential OC Santa Cruz, 1974
  • BA Human Development Pacific Oaks, 1972

Teaching Experience

  • Ridley Tree Education Center- Instructor part time, 1996-2000
  • Westmont College Art Center- Ceramics Instructor part time, 1991-2000
  • Ventura City College- Ceramics Instructor part time, 1990-2000
  • SB City College- Ceramics Instructor part time, 1995-2000
  • Oxnard College- Ceramics Instructor full time, 1986-87
  • Goleta PTA- Art Exploration/ Puppetry Ceramic Instructor, 1985-2000
  • Santa Barbara Ceramic Design, 1985-89
  • SB Adult Education- Ceramics Instructor part time, 1984-2000
  • UCSB- Ceramics Teaching Assistant, 1982-84
  • SB City College- Ceramics Instructor (Fall), 1982
  • SB City College- Ceramics Tutor, 1981-82
  • Oscar Bucher- Studio Potter, 1981
  • La Culinair- worked in a Ceramic Industry, 1980
  • Lynn Turner, Berkeley- Ceramic Assistant, 1980
  • Oholone College, Fremont- Glaze Technician, 1980

Selected Shows and Exhibitions

  • Faculty Show: The Fine Art of Education, Westmont College Reynolds Gallery, 2005
  • American Masters of Clay, Westmont College Reynolds Gallery, 2004
  • Direct Relief Mural - “Passport to the World” Hollister School, 1996
  • Art Faculty Exhibits Atkinson Gallery, 1996
  • Santa Monica College Gallery, 1996
  • Ventura City College Gallery, 1996
  • Parque, 1995
  • “De Los Ninos”, 1995
  • “The Place Setting” Reynolds Gallery, 1995
  • Mural “Magical World of Nature” Kellogg School, 1995
  • Transition House, 1994
  • Parent Child Workshop San Marcos, 1994
  • Lutheran Church La Cumbre, 1993
  • Frame Shop Gallery Montecito, 1992
  • Santa Barbara Arts Festival, 1992
  • Mural, “The Sea” Hollister School, 1991

Selected Publications

  • California Art Review- Les Krantz
  • Catalog: Raku and Smoke North America


  • Imagerie Collections Del Mar
  • First Impressions Santa Maria
  • Woman’s Gallery West Solvang
  • Aster Gallery Santa Barbara
  • Egret Gallery Pasadena
  • Clay house Santa Monica
  • Tango Gallery Santa Barbara
  • Gallery of Two Sisters La Jolla
  • Strictly Upper Crust Los Gatos
  • Galeria Del Mar Santa Barbara
  • Carmel Work Center Shop Carmel
  • Gallery 113 Santa Barbara
  • Faulkner Gallery
  • Yes Store “July Fourth Festival”

Associations & Memberships

  • Santa Barbara Artists Association
  • National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA)
  • Ventura Potter’s Guild