Student Exhibitions

There are multiple opportunities for student exhibitions every academic year.

Sophomore Project

Every art major and minor (including art history majors and minors) are required to participate in the Sophomore Project. This is a one-unit course where students create a single visual work of art in accordance with a chosen theme. Past years' themes have included "Green", “X”, “Now”, and “Ambiguous.”

Art students may enroll in the Sophomore Project either Fall or Spring semesters of an academic year, but the exhibition is held in March. The course encompasses a few informational meetings at the beginning of each semester, and then a student creates the art piece independently.

For Studio Art majors, the Sophomore Project should be seen as a trial run for the larger body of work required for the Senior Exhibition.


ARTLAB Galleries

Two alternative lab spaces exist for intermediate and advanced students to propose, install, and display a solo body of work or curate a group show. These gallery spaces are intended to support a creative space for development of individual visions and display ongoing bodies of work. Please click here for a schedule of current ARTLAB shows ARTLAB Exhibition Schedule.

Senior Exhibition

The annual juried Senior Exhibition is the culminating experience for the Studio Art Major. Each senior is tasked with creating their own independent body of work, utilizing the media of their choice.

Senior project is a two-unit course, part of the Senior Seminar class (2), in which seniors discuss project concepts and ideas, and receive critique and input from peers and a faculty advisor. In addition, seniors choose a faculty mentor who possesses knowledge of one's particular interest or media.