Mayterm 2012: Constructing Sacred Pilgrimage in Egypt, Ireland, Israel/Palestine, and England


The sacred places of the world exert a strong pull on people of all ages and faiths and cultures. In this Mayterm, you will have the opportunity to experience that draw yourself as you journey to the pyramids, Mt. Sinai, the Dome of the Rock, the birthplace of Jesus, St. Kevin’s contemplative community at Glendalough, contemporary Benedictines called to pray for peace in Northern Ireland, the site of the martyrdom of St. Thomas of Canterbury. Glendalough in 2004 by Katie Jones


Explore how holy sites are symbolically created and maintained, the reasons for which pilgrims visit these places, and the words in which pilgrimages are enshrined.

Dissect the practice of journeying to sacred space through the lenses of literature, theology, and rhetoric and communication – all of which touch on politics, psychology, economics, and history.

Test your understanding and grow deeper as we undertake pilgrimage together.




No Pre-Requisites – All Majors Welcome to Apply

• 5 Units of Upper Division Elective Credit in COM, ENG, or RS, Team-taught by Professors Dunn, Reeder, and Skripsky
• $5,840 (includes all lodging, meals, tuition, airfare from Middle East to Europe; does not include transatlantic airfare to/from Europe)
• Application due November 18, 2011 (Off Campus Programs Office)


• Six class meetings on campus during Spring 2012 semester
• May 7-8 on campus
• May 9 – June 6 on the roadSphynxMarianne in Jerusalem Tunnel 2009


Contact Professors Dunn, Reeder, or Skripsky, or Off Campus Programs for more information.



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