Mayterm 2016 - Belfast to Santiago:

Reconciling Memory & The Way of Peace


  • Visit Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and walk the Camino to Santiago, Spain
  • Inhabit spaces, stories, and landscapes marked by struggle and forgiveness
  • Study peace, conflict, memory, and place via communication studies & religious studies
  • Pray for peace as you walk the Camino de Santiago (about 110 km)

The program will officially begin on the first day of Mayterm 2016 and will end about June 15. You will visit Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Spain. You will need a current passport (one that does not expire before December 2016).

Faculty Members Leading the Program:

  • Deborah Dunn (Communication Studies)
  • Caryn Reeder (Religious Studies)

No Prerequisites - All Majors & Classes Welcome to Apply

  • Total Course Units: Nine (9)
    • Com 134 (4 units; counts as com elective or category I - may be taken in addition to Com 133) and
    • Com 195 (4 units; counts as com elective) or RS 127 (RS elective)
    • PEA - 1 Unit (Walking)
  • Fulfills GE Thinking Historically - Common Inquiries & PEA
  • Cost Estimate ($6185) DOES include all lodging, meals, admissions, and required events while traveling; cost does not include international airfare to/from Europe (this way you may use frequent flier miles, have more freedom to fly in/out of your home airport, or stay abroad for a longer period of time).
  • Application Deadline is in November - applications available from the Off Campus Programs Office
  • More information (Click Link for Information & Draft Itinerary): Mayterm2016%20Info%20on%20BelfastSantiagoDunnReeder

Contact Professor Dunn or Professor Reeder for more information.Dublin Liffey 2010Ireland

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