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Spring 2019

Retiring from Westmont

Previous courses

CS010 Design and Implementation of Solutions to Computational Problems (Formerly known as (fka) Introduction to Computer Science I, or CS1)
CS030 Abstract Models for Concrete Problems Using Java (fka Introduction to Computer Science II, or CS2)
CS050 Morality, Information, Logic & Knowledge; (fka Information & Computation: History & Ethics; Computer Ethics; Understanding the Information Society; Minds, Machines and Zombies; and others)
CS105 Programming Languages
CS116 Artificial Intelligence
CS120 Data Structures & Algorithms
CS125 Database Design
CS130 Creative Software Architectures for Collaborative Projects (fka Software Development)
CS/MA135 Formal Languages & Automata
CS150 Topics in Computer Science: Machine Learning
CS195 Senior Seminar
CS198 Research
IS015 First-Year Seminar