Students can earn a secondary teaching credential in Art, English, History, Math, Music, Science, Spanish and Physical Education.


BrookeeditedTeaching in an environment where high school is a challenging, enriching, and positive experience is very refreshing. In my science classes, we discuss real-world issues while discovering the details of God's creation. Providence Hall Christian High School is a healthy and intellectually stimulating place for high school students to learn.

Laura Drake, ’07
Science Teacher
Providence Hall High School
Santa Barbara, CA


Doug PattersonTeaching history allows me to engage the students as we analyze various primary source documents from a variety of perspectives. I then encourage my students to cultivate and articulate their own viewpoints. Each day I seek to create a dynamic and relevant teaching style to actively engage my students in understanding history.

Doug Patterson , '05
History Teacher
St. Mary's School Aliso Viejo, CA


RachedEditedSince we are created in God’s image, and He is the Ultimate Creator, there is something very special about being an imitator of God in terms of using our creative abilities, as with creating artwork. I consider it a great privilege to teach students artistic techniques that they can use as a tool to express themselves creatively. It is awesome to see a student create something that brings beauty and joy to those around them.

Leah Guillermo Sodusta, '04
Art Teacher
Bishop Garcia Diego High School
Santa Barbara, CA



Physical Education

Hui with Surf Class

I feel so fortunate that I get to teach Physical Education and have fun every day in my teaching. Most students I teach start participating in sports and games for the fun of it. My job is to provide the skills and tools they need to make athletics a rewarding and successful experience they will want to continue for a lifetime. I foster an energetic atmosphere, expose students to a variety of experiences, and help them find their athletic passions. My goal is to help make lifetime movement a reality for them.

Jeremy Hui , '97
Physical Education Teacher
Marymount School
Santa Barbara, CA



Jennifer LI love teaching because it gives me a great opportunity to spend time with impressionable young minds. I feel empowered that I can make such a huge impact in their lives and I really strive to make each day a learning experience in math or even in life.

Devany Bechler, '07
Math Teacher
Carpinteria High School
Carpinteria, CA


EmilyI love watching my students mature into strong, responsible, contributing members of the community. Teaching high school is unique in that I get to watch my students grow up and go to college.

Emily Wise Bajwa, ’06
English and Drama
Summit Charter Academy
Redwood, CA


Pam HerzogIn the kaleidoscope of learning, music is a necessary color that allows students to express and create, move and discover, play and assimilate. It is an intelligence that is easily intertwined with more familiar subjects and enhances the learning of the whole child. Being a music educator for 19 years, I have had the great privilege of being a part of a child's sequential musical journey at the elementary level and beyond. Music is a gift from God and whether teaching music for music's sake or integrating music into the general classroom setting, students can experience the joy and power music has to offer for their mind, body, and soul.

Pam Herzog , '91
Music Teacher
Cold Spring School
Santa Barbara, CA