Teacher Testimonials

I would recommend the Costa Rica program to any student teacher looking for an experience that is nearly impossible to find in the United States. I have had an amazing experience and I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to do this. To any student teacher looking to grow in his or her teaching, awareness of the world, and aptitude in teaching English Language Learners: I believe that the student teaching program at Lincoln School is where you want to be.

Global Hands

The teaching abroad experience is one that I will take with me no matter where I teach. By teaching a majority of English Language Learners, my ability to execute lesson plans has dramatically improved. I’ve become more aware of the language that I use and the confusion that English can cause in a classroom with English Language Learners. My experience here has forced me to be more creative and inventive with the delivery of my lessons, and has positively affected the means by which I assess learning in the classroom.

Kendra Sakuda '08
Seattle, Washington

Classroom activity

Teaching at Lincoln School (in Costa Rica) was a great opportunity for me. The school has many resources, excellent students, and a great professional environment. The training that I received there in regards to teaching English Language Learners was phenomenal. I learned how to teach the students, coming from their point of view. It has now become second nature to me to explain words that may not be familiar to my students. I also learned about my students’ culture and its implications in my classroom.

Kimberley Bennett '08
Santa Barbara, California