Certificate of Clearance

Online Application for Certificate of Clearance (Fingerprint Clearance)

Required for Multiple Subject & Single Subject Credential Applicants

Certificates of Clearance are issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to credential program candidates. Title 5 regulations require that an application for Certificate of Clearance be filed to determine whether or not a candidate meets the state standards for character and fitness to teach in California’s public schools. To apply for a Certificate of Clearance Online, follow Steps 1 through 3 below. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, contact the Education Department at (805) 565-6165, or email Heather Bergthold.

Step 1

  • Go to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing website at www.ctc.ca.gov and download and the CTC-specific Live Scan Form (41-LS.pdf) . Complete it and take it to a LiveScan station for your fingerprints to be taken. Print 3 copies. The California Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will review the fingerprints and forward clearance to the Commission.
  • You must complete the Live Scan process before continuing to Step 2.

Step 2

  • Return to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing website at www.ctc.ca.gov
  • Apply for your document using the Web Application Process at the CTC website.
  • Click on the Online Services for Educators navigation button.
  • Select the button for the Educator Page to complete your application.
  • Create/log in to your personal profile on the secure Educator Page using your SSN and date of birth. If creating a new profile, you will be prompted to enter this information twice.
  • Edit/complete your personal profile, if necessary. When this information is complete, click 'Next."
  • Click on the "Create New" button under the heading "Web Applications" to start your application for a new type of document. Click Here for a list of documents available through this online process.
  • Select the type of document you wish to apply for from the drop down menus; review the checklist verifying you meet all the requirements for the document, print the checklist, and click Next.
  • Read the Disclosure page for the Professional Fitness questions and answer "Yes" for continue to the next page.
  • Answer each of the Professional Fitness Questions, complete the Oath and Affidavit, and click Proceed to Payment. Click Proceed to Payment only once!
  • The display shows the document to pay. Click the Continue button.
  • Complete the billing verification information for LexisNexis. Choose to pay with credit card(can also use debit card with Visa or MasterCard logo). Click Continue button when finished.
  • Verify all the payment information is correct, including email address. Click Complete Payment button. Do not click the Complete Payment button more than once!
  • Use the 1st link provided to obtain a printable receipt for your reference.
  • After printing your receipt, you can return to CTC Online with the link "To return to the CTC application, please click here."
  • The final landing page provides directions back to the Educator page or to log out of CTC Online.

Step 3

  • When the Certificate of Clearance is granted, print and submit a copy of the CTC printout or forward the CTC confirmation email to Heather Bergthold in the education department. The Certificate of Clearance is valid for five years.