Fifth Year Program

Admission to the fifth year credential program

Graduates of Westmont or other colleges who choose not to earn their credential as part of their four-year program have the option of completing a fifth-year, post-baccalaureate program at Westmont.

Teacher candidates planning to enroll in the fifth year program should complete as many of the following requirements as possible, at Westmont or elsewhere, prior to beginning the fifth year. Normally, one to three of these courses (up to 6 credits) may be taken as part of the fifth year.

• ED 105 Perspectives on Cultural Diversity and Education (4)
• ED 130 Special Education for the Classroom Teacher (2)
• ED 160 or ED 161 Computers for the Classroom Teacher (2)
• ENG 106 Language Acquisition (4)
• KNS 156 Health Education for the Classroom Teacher (2)
• Course or test demonstrating knowledge of the U.S. Constitution (Westmont administers a free state-approved examination.)

Admission Requirements

1. Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college with a 2.75 GPA (four point scale.)

2. Obtain an application checklist and the Teacher Credential Program Handbook from the education department.

3. Schedule a meeting with a member of the education department. (Waived for Liberal Studies majors.)

4. Submit application by February 15.  Application should be submitted directly to the Department of Education. There is no application fee.

5. In addition to the application form, candidates who have not attended Westmont must submit two letters of recommendation.

6. Submit official college transcripts from every institution attended and all relevant test scores to the Education Department (see handbook for details.)

7. Sign statement acknowledging Community Life Expectations.

8. Additional requirements are delineated in the single subject or multiple subject handbooks.

19. A $500 non-refundable deposit to the Office of Admission is due upon acceptance to the credential program in order to reserve your space. Notification of Admissions decisions typically occurs in mid-April.

For other details and questions about the fifth year program, contact the Education Department. Students wishing to apply for financial aid should contact Westmont’s Financial Aid Office directly.

Fifth-year candidates who hold a B.A. degree, live off campus, and are not enrolled in classes on campus, will receive a scholarship equal to a 55% reduction in tuition during the semester they do student teaching.