Amber Stevens

Finding My Equilibrium

It was a little after three, and anyone who knew me would know where to find me: on a basketball court. The season had just started, so each week consisted of going to games and practices. I was in college now, so that meant more time out of my day was to be set aside just for basketball. I had to find more time to balance my school work, free time and basketball. This was not high school anymore, and I knew how time consuming it would be, but still I wanted to compete at the next level. Playing ever since I was seven, basketball was something I had always done, so why stop now? I had to find that balance each week because basketball would always be a part of me and I was not letting it go.

My Mondays and Wednesdays were a drag. I had two classes to attend both days and loads of assignments to complete. I always wondered why I even got up on these mornings to go to classes knowing that I was going to get handed more assignments. I went anyways. After my second class, I had only ten minutes to walk down to the schools fitness center to work the door. This was a on campus-job, but definitely wasn’t what anyone would call a real job. It would seem like I had to do was check students identifications and sign them in, but that was not my case at all. I got to sit at a desk for an hour and a half and attempt to get homework done. It seems like this would be a great time to get work done, but having different students walking in and out every couple of minutes, the radio playing, people talking, weights dropping and sometimes hearing noise from the workout machines, distractions were everywhere.

After work I would head back up to my dorm room and get an hour’s worth of homework in before having to get ready for practice. I am not going to lie, it sure was hard trying to get work done before practice because all I could think about is rest and how I wish I could be sleeping right now. Practices usually lasted for two hours, unless it was the day before a game. Then it was a little bit shorter. I would always miss eating dinner in the dining commons because it closed right at seven and practice ended at seven thirty. Therefore, I was force to eat in “ The Study.” Nothing was wrong with eating in The Study besides the fact that I had to pay for my food and wait for it to be prepared, unlike when I ate in the dining commons. By the time I finished eating dinner it would be around eight thirty on a good day. I headed back up to my dorm room to take a shower and finally get started on homework. Sometimes it would take until midnight for me to finish my homework. These were just my Mondays and Wednesdays and this was just the beginning.

My Tuesdays and Thursdays varied from week to week. Either I would be attending two classes those days and having practice later that afternoon, missing one and heading off to our away games or not even being able to make any classes because we had to leave earlier enough to be on time for the game. I was able to get assignments done after my home games but away games were a different story. If I had an away game, that meant getting back to school around midnight or sometimes one in the morning, depending on how far we had to travel. It was definitely difficult to get any work done on away games, but I manage to find little breaks within the next day to get work done before assignments were due.

Now, Fridays were my mellow days. I had my two same classes I had on Mondays and Wednesdays but this time I did not have to go to work. Practices on these days were early so that meant I got to get to the dining commons in time to eat dinner before it closed. Then the rest of the night was free time for me. I did not have to make sure I had work done because I did not have classes to attend the following day. I got to hang out with friends and actually relax.

On Saturdays I definitely would not get any work done or have time to hang out with friends. I either had an away game or a home game. I made sure I got to bed early on this day because when Sunday hit it was all about catching up on work and trying to get ahead for the following week.

My life was hectic at times. It had its ups and downs because of basketball and school work. All the traveling, practices, games and homework was a lot for me to do. I managed to get done what I needed to. Basketball had helped me learn how to use my time wisely and not take things for granted. I guess it was more than just a game, it was my way of life.