The French major at Westmont develops advanced proficiency and provides students with intercultural sophistication to function comfortably and effectively in the Francophone world. Majors are required to study abroad (in either fall or spring semester) and complete one semester (14-16 units) at an approved university. The courses offered vary from year to year and from program to program, but always include language, literature, and civilization and culture. Close student-faculty relationships, small class sizes, and flexibility in the curriculum all contribute to meet students’ needs in studying French.

Career Choices

A liberal arts and sciences education opens the door to a broad range of vocations. French majors usually develop the skill to express themselves gracefully and the cultural sensitivity to understand others. These competencies enhance their contribution to every profession. Every field needs people prepared to communicate meaningfully with others, especially foreign missions, domestic human-service agencies, education, international business, law, and government services, and the arts.