Major Requirements

Requirements for a Major: 40-52 units
A. Standard Track: 40 units
Required Courses: 12 units
HIS 099 Foundations of History (4)
HIS 009 World Civilizations to 1750 (4)
HIS 198 Senior Research Seminar (4)
Required Upper-Division Courses: 20 units
One of the following: (4) Modern Europe
HIS 140 European Politics and Diplomacy Since 1789 (4)
HIS 141 European Society and Culture Since 1789 (4)
HIS 142 European Intellectual History, 1650-Present (4)
One of the following: (4) United States
HIS 171 Colonial and Revolutionary America (4)
HIS 173 Civil War and Reconstruction America (4)
HIS 175 Recent America (4)
One of the following: (4) Early Modern Europe
HIS 121 Medieval Mediterranean (4)
HIS 133 European States and Peoples, 1350-1750 (4)
HIS 134 European Intellectual and Cultural History, 1350-1650 (4)
Two of the following: (8) Non-Western/Non-U.S.
HIS 161 Latin America to Independence (4)
HIS 162 Modern and Contemporary Latin America (4)
HIS 180 The Age of Islamic Empires, 600-1800 (4)
HIS 181 The Modern Middle East, 1800-Present (4)
HIS 182 History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (4)
HIS 184 History of Christianity in Asia (4)
HIS 185 Imperialism and Independence (4)
HIS 186 Modern South Asia (4)
HIS 187 Women in Asian History (4)
HIS 188 Women in the Middle East (4)

Additional HIS Electives: 8 units

B. Graduate School Track: 48 units
Completion of the Standard Track (40).
Completion of 8 units of Intermediate Modern Foreign Language (8)
Recommended: completion of a major honors project supervised by the History Department.

C. International Studies Track: 52 units

This track combines a regional specialty with historical context.
Requirements in history (36)

HIS 099 Foundations of History (4)
HIS 009 World Civilizations to 1750 (4)
HIS 198 Senior Research Seminar (4)
24 additional units of history, of which 20 units must be upper division. Students
must complete at least 8 units of upper-division history in their region of
emphasis, and at least 8 outside their region of emphasis.
Foreign language (8)
8 units of foreign language appropriate to the region of emphasis. If the language
chosen is offered on campus, 4 of the 8 units must be upper-division.
Requirements in related fields (8)
8 units of upper-division related coursework in the region of emphasis (e.g. SP/FR
150 Cross-Cultural Studies) as approved by their major advisor. These units may
be in history.
Off Campus requirement
Students will complete one semester in an overseas program in the region of
emphasis as approved by their major advisor and in