Course Offering Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. If you have questions about it, contact any mathematics faculty member. Some courses in the catalog are not offered regularly and are not listed here.

See the major requirements for details about the B.S. and B.A. in mathematics. See the mathematics section of the college catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites.

Courses Offered Every Semester

MA-005 Introduction to Statistics (and Mayterm)

MA-009, 010 Elementary Calculus I, II (4,4)

Courses Offered Once per Year


Semester Offered

MA-004 Mathematics in Context Spring (except Spring 2017)

MA-008 Functions and Models

MA/CS-015 Discrete Mathematics Fall
MA-019 Multivariable Calculus Fall
MA-020 Linear Algebra Spring

Courses Offered Every Other Year


Next Offering

MA-108 Mathematical Analysis Fall 2016 (and subsequent even falls)
MA-109 Advanced Mathematical Analysis Spring 2017 (and subsequent odd springs)
MA-110 Modern Algebra Fall 2017 (and subsequent odd falls)
MA-111 Advanced Modern Algebra Spring 2018 (and subsequent even springs)
MA-124 Codes and Encryption Fall 2018 (and subsequent even falls)
MA-130 Probability and Statistics

Spring 2017 (and subsequent odd springs)

MA-135 Formal Languages and Automata Fall 2017, tentative (and subsequent odd falls)
MA-136 Geometry Fall 2017 (and subsequent odd falls)
MA-140 Complex Analysis Spring 2018 (and subsequent even springs)
MA-155 History of Mathematics

Spring 2019 (and subsequent odd springs)