College Bowl Information

The “College Bowl” consists of preliminary and final rounds. Teams from various schools compete against one another in several preliminaries, which the above photo illustrates. The two schools with the highest combined scores then advance to the final round to determine the overall winner. Modeled after the College Bowl TV show, students work individually in an attempt to be the first to answer a series of short questions. After each such question the team of the student who answered correctly gets dibs at solving a more difficult follow-up problem. The other team simultaneously works on the same problem, and will be given a chance to answer if the original team provides an incorrect solution.

For a short clip of a college bowl in progress click the picture below.


College Bowl Rules
No calculators are permitted. The round will begin with a “toss-up question” from the emcee. You will only have 20 seconds to answer this question, but press the buzzer control in front of you soon as you know the answer. The first person doing so will win one point for his or her team if the answer is correct. If you press the buzzer control while the question is being read, the emcee will stop and you must answer based on what has been said so far. If your answer is incorrect, the opposite team will be given whatever time remains of the original 20 seconds to come up with a correct answer. No consultation with teammates is allowed for this question. Make sure you know the answer before you press the buzzer control. If, after pressing the buzzer control the emcee judges that you are still working out the answer, your team will lose its chance to answer the question.

The first team to answer the toss-up question correctly will be given 90 seconds to work on a “follow-up” question. For this part, you are encouraged to work as a team. If the answer to this follow-up question is correct, your team will receive two points. If the answer is incorrect, the opposite team will be given a chance to answer. They will have whatever time is remaining of the original 90 seconds to come up with an answer, so it is important always to work on the follow-up question even if your team does not have the first chance to answer. After the follow-up question is over, a new toss-up question is asked and our pattern will repeat.

If no team answers the toss-up question correctly, both teams will be permitted to answer the follow-up question. The first team to solve the question correctly will be given two points. Make sure you press the buzzer control in front of you before giving your answer.

In order to guard against domination of this contest by any one player, any person who correctly answers a toss-up question will not be allowed to answer the next toss-up question.

Please pay close attention to the question. For example, if you are asked for the area of a rectangle, it is incorrect to report as your answer the length and width of the rectangle.

In this first phase of the college bowl your team will compete against teams from several different schools. The two teams with the highest point totals at the end of these preliminary rounds will advance to the final round.