Team Exam Information
A review of the leading journals reveals that mathematical discovery is a team effort: research articles frequently have more than one author. The purpose of the team exam is to challenge students to think creatively, and to encourage mathematical collaboration. Given a set of five problems, the students must decide how to tackle them. As the above photo shows, the best strategy appears to be some combination of individual and collective effort.

For a short clip of a team exam in progress click the picture below.


Team Exam Instructions
The following instructions are given to students before they begin their team exam.

Put the name of your school in the space above each answer sheet.

Calculators are not permitted during this exam.

This is a team exam. There are only five questions, so your team will be graded both on the accuracy of your answer and the clarity with which you express your answer. Turn in only one solution per problem per team. Work each problem out on scratch paper at first, then copy the solution you want graded to the space provided below the corresponding question, making sure your writing is legible and coherent. Be sure you justify your answer rather than merely state what the answer is. Use the back of the paper if you run out of room. When time is up, assemble your answers in order and give them to the exam proctor.

If you finish early you may turn in your answers and watch your classmates from the other grades compete in the college bowl!