Modern Languages


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Studying languages prepares us to live in an ever-shrinking world, thus widening our perspective and appreciation of varied cultural heritages. Encouraging us to see the face of Christ in the people shaped by civilizations different from our own with whom we share this world.

Foreign language study offers lifelong enrichment. The intangible benefits of increased cultural sensitivity and growth as a global Christian cannot be underestimated. As you plan for college you carefully consider the benefits that foreign language study offers you, and if you have any questions about the courses or programs, please call or email us.

Language students at Westmont can study German at the elementary and intermediate levels and can declare a major or minor in French or in Spanish.

Career Choices

A liberal arts and sciences education opens the door to a broad range of vocations. Every field needs people prepared to communicate meaningfully with others in a foreign language; especially in missions; domestic human-service agencies; education; international business, law, and government services; and the arts. Many students double major in another field along with their language studies.