Curriculum Map for Westmont Political Science Dept.


Active Social


Competence in





Outcomes Students will apply disciplinary knowledge in the service of others Students will communicate ideas clearly in their written work

Students will use valid and established social science methodology in their research.

(critically trained)

Where are Learning Outcomes met:

I Introduced

D Developed

M Mastered

I: POL 10

D: POL 110

M: POL 190

I: POL 30; 40

D: POL 108; 109; 123

M: POL 130; 131

I: POL 40

D: POL 112; 124, 125

M: POL 109; 110; 111; 123


How are they assessed? Essay and rubric Essay and rubric Coursework; pre/post exam
Benchmark 80 percent of students at levels 3 or higher on civic engagement rubric 80 percent of students at levels 3 or higher on writing rubric 90 percent improvement on pre/post test on political science theories; 70 percent of students do B- work or better in coursework

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Institutional Learning Outcomes

demonstrate commitment to Christian service (Christian Practices/Affections) write effectively in various contexts (Competence in Written Communication) be able to access, evaluate, use and communicate information effectively and ethically (Information Literacy)