PSY 001 Resources

Psychology Subject Pool. One of the requirements in PSY 001 is to become more familiar with psychological research. To that end, you are required to participate in a number of studies over the course of the semester. This link gets you to the web page where you can learn more details about this requirement, and see and sign up for research studies.

Plagiarism Policy. One of the skills that is required in many types of professional writing is to present information from other sources, while acknowledging those sources properly; that is, not plagiarizing. The Westmont College Plagiarism Policy describes how plagiarism is defined at Westmont and what the consequences are if one plagiarizes.

Student as a Minor. At times, there may be a student enrolled under the age of 18. Parental consent must be received in order for the minor student to participate in the psychological research studies. A letter to the parent and consent form can be obtained by clicking on the link Student as a Minor.

Reading APA Style Articles and Writing in APA Style

Madigan, Johnson, & Linton article. This article describes how the structure and format of APA style reflects the epistemology of the field of psychology; that is, its ways of knowing and finding out about the world. Reading this article will help you in reading psychological research articles and writing your APA-style paper.

APA Style Writing Resources. These resources include a description of the Method section, from the 5th edition of the Publication Manual, tutorials in APA-style writing, summaries of the essentials in APA-style, and examples of text citations and reference listings.